Os socialistas esíxenlle ao goberno que non implante o copago no Centro Ocupacional O Saiar de Caldas de Reis

Os socialistas esíxenlle ao goberno que non implante o copago no Centro Ocupacional O Saiar de Caldas de Reis

Merrill likes the Pandora Christmas Charms thing it hears

Merrill lynch analyst nat schindler today launched coverage of online radio service pandora with a buy rating and $17 target.The stock closed yesteryear at $13.41.

"Although we acknowledge the speculative nature of a trade in pandora, and caution investors that the company is still very early in its growth and progression of a true competitor to traditional radio, we are looking forward to pandora's opportunity and competitive position, schindler writes in a Cheap Pandora Beads Australia study note.Population listens to typically 13 hours a week of traditional radio, but he sees that"The event could be better, choice is bound, customization impossible and ads not targeted. "We believe internet radio enables a better knowledge about 1 to 1 targeting of both content and advertising, as pandora is, probably, the internet radio service,

At the same time, schindler notes that the company is beginning to monetize its 34 million active users.Freebies streams an averasge of just 45 seconds of ads per listening hours, dissimilar to 13 minutes for traditional radio. "Closing this disparity combined with better adverts targeting should drive revs on top of the 129% usage growth, he publishes articles. (Although it makes you wonder how quickly pandora will start losing listeners to the free version of the service as they increase the advertising per hours. )

Schindler also sees pandora as a bet on the increase of the mobile internet. "Pandora is one of the purest investments for the growth of the mobile internet exceeding 60% of listeninghours and 35% of revenues already generated from mobile devices such as iphones, he blogs, noting that pandora is the second most got app for the iphone.As well as adds that"With intergrated, into many cars starting this year, access will end up nearly ubiquitous,"Creating a more competitve barrier and growth driver,

Pandora today is up 4 cents, and $13.45.

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